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14 April 2007 @ 11:34 am
Cast Interviews pre-Season 2  
Cast Interviews pre-Season 2

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Amaury: There’ll be a lot, a lot of just brand-new stuff that’s gonna blow up everybody’s away, everybody’s mind away.

Dominic: Season 2, we’re, uh, you know, Michael and Lincoln are out there trying to break the conspiracy that put Lincoln in the chair.

Went: I was looking forward to leaving the prison behind, but now I look back on these long and leisurely [chuckles] scenes in the prison yard where we’re just talkin’ about this, that, and the other thing, uh, occasionally wondering if a C.O., um, might be listening in. But this season, we’re free, except every scene seems to have the sense of tension and dread, because anyone could be coming at you from anywhere at any time… Breaking out of prison hasn’t, um, it doesn’t mean that the best part of the show is behind us.

Dominic: For me it’s just relief. You know, I sat in the cell for a year and a half, and now I get a chance to wear clothes and, uh, just run around, you know. Um, it’s, it’s refreshing.

Rockmond: It’s great. It’s nice to be in different clothes, you know, than the regular prison jumpsuit and things of that nature, but, uh, it’s, it’s a lot of woods. Spiders… bugs. You know, I don’t dig those things, but, you know. [laughs - wuss!]

William: Mahone is an FBI agent who specializes in tracking people, so it’s time for him.

Went: The tattoo isn’t going anywhere, because there are things in the tattoo that Michael, uh, only needs, um, post-escape.

Sarah: I fought that kiss harder. [looks down] I’m the only woman in the country who’s not actively trying to kiss Wentworth Miller. [that was not very convincing]

Went: I would like to believe that, uh, at the end of the show, you know, when Michael and Lincoln have their Scuba shop somewhere in Mexico, that, uh, Sara’s workin’ behind the counter. [grins]

Sarah: I’ve only read the first three scripts. I could be in prison for the next, through the second season. I mean, that could be the great irony, right?

Went: He’s still very much wondering, ‘what can I do to make things right?’ Because I think that’s at the core of who Michael is. He has a real sense of justice and right and wrong.