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24 May 2007 @ 11:42 pm
WM Interview - Fox 4 Dallas  
I don't think I've done this one yet.  I'm finding that, even though I checked them a month ago, many of the video links I have are dead.  I'll do my best to find them again!

Wentworth Miller Interview with Fox 4 Dallas
Baron James: Went, as the ‘Prison Break’ crew calls him, has an arresting past, from England to the states to Dallas, and when Michael Scofield and the other Fox River 8 made their prison break, actor Wentworth Miller found himself in the breakout role of his career. 
   [PB clip of Chicago: Michael choking Kellerman]
   [Cut to onsite filming]
Baron: In downtown Dallas, I caught up with Miller, or Went, as the crew calls him, on the set of ‘Prison Break,’ which has been shooting season 2 in north Texas since the summer.
Went: I’ve seen precious few cowboy boots in, uh, Dallas, which was kinda disappointing.   Uh, I understand you have to go to Fort Worth for that, [Eph sends a shout out to Ft. Worth, my favorite city – Y’all rock!] but I have caught myself saying, “D’whut-now?” [Went, that was just… don’t try it again, m’k?] a couple times. [giggles]   So I like to feel as though I’m kind of getting into the, the local culture. Um, Dallas has been very, very good to us.
Baron: And I found out, being on the move is nothing new for this 34-year-old, English born, American actor who graduated Princeton with a degree in English Literature… So, how does someone get from Princeton and, was it, Literature?
Went: Yeah.
Baron: …into acting and ‘Prison Break?’ [Is it just me, or is this question a bit offensive? It’s as if he’s asking, “how did you let yourself go from high academia to the lowly world of acting?”]
Went: It’s a long, circuitous route. Um, after college, I moved, uh, out to L.A. to be someone, uh, who worked behind the scenes. [Cut back to Went] I was going to be in development, and, uh, come up with scripts and stories to be told on film and then realized that I’d unconsciously moved to L.A. to act. It was just a matter of working up the nerve.
   [Cut back to onsite filming]
Baron: From years of playing bit parts of the likes of TV’s ‘E.R.’ and ‘Buffy: The Vampire Slayer’ to landing a few movie roles, including “The Human Stain,” starring Sir Anthony Hopkins and Nicole Kidman and even being the object of desire of Mariah Carey in a couple of her music videos, [PB clips] Miller would eventually bring nerves of steel to his Michael Scofield, a character he was initially drawn to for various reasons, including:
   [Cut back to Went]
Went: It was kind of the paycheck [chuckles] to be perfectly honest with you. I hadn’t worked in a long time, and uh, I was, uh, looking for something I could really sink my teeth into, and umm, this character was the hero or one of the heroes but not your traditional hero. I think that’s the best thing about this show, the universe that we’ve created is that every character exists in the grayscale; no one’s black or white, good or evil, um, and Michael’s a good man who sometimes has to do bad things to get the job done. And, uh, that’s a lot of fun to explore.
   [PB clip of the Chicago “me too” scene]
Baron: Miller has also explored the realities of life in his own grayscale. He is biracial, the product of a black father and white mother, and says he finds it easy to relate to people of all backgrounds, including Scofield. 
Went: It’s kind of like a second skin. There are some qualities that, uh, I posses that Michael does too. Um, I have a sense of discipline and organization and follow-through. Um, I am a perfectionist. Uh, Michael is those things taken to, uh, an illogical extreme. [PB clip of The Message] Um, and uh, it’s been kind of fun to explore where our characters, umm, converge and, and where we contrast.
 [Cut back to Baron]
Baron: And get this: Miller told me he does not watch ‘Prison Break.’ He likes to keep his focus on his character of Michael Scofield and not get distracted by the twists and turns of the plot, and, when he’s not working here in Dallas, he’s most likely watching movies from Blockbuster, he says, and eating Taco Diner. You can watch my interview with Wentworth Miller in its entirety on myfoxdfw.com. Click on the Entertainment tab. Baron James, Fox 4 News.